work in progress on the topic of mass, on the basis of an architectural design for a fungi growing facility, Bika Rebek, Studio Lynn 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

massing concept

drive trough mushroom:
most visitors will visit the FUNgiCULTURE by car.
there could be a drive trough track,
a fast shop track
a restaurant decadence track
and a workers track

in the front to draw attention from passing visitors, there is a big translucent mass-
the restaurant/decadence area, serving exclusive slow food meals
behind is a big central volume housing the central circulation space, shop and mushroom exhibition/info area, from which smaller volumes (workers area, growing facilities) protrude.
administration and conference spaces are located above the central void, allowing focused views over the landscape.

the architecture is sculptural, playing with light and mass.
mushroom growing voids are everywhere in the building.

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